Examples on styling a submit button.

There's a fair belief that styling form elements is impossible to achieve cross-browser and cross-platform. This is even more unfortunate for designers looking to use CSS to style form controls to mimic popular CSS buttons. The good news is that CSS Buttons can now achieve this 98% succesfully1.

The following is a Submit button accross several browsers:

submit button across several browsers

Here are link, button, and input elements unstlyed as displayed by your browser:


Now, here's the same as above styled with CSS Buttons:

Live Example: Change the skin: Sample 1, Sample 2 | Colors Red, Colors Blue | Glass 1, Glass 2


Does the above live example look like this (colors may change)? If not, please submit a bug and help us develop CSS Buttons. Thank you!

css buttons screenshot

1Mac Safari does not allow styling of input elements. The rest of the popular browsers supported.

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