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Stable version coming soon. Please use the svn nightly revisions below until the beta release is final.

FLOAT Warning: Some of the the CSS Buttons rely on floats in order to "shrink wrap" the content inside them. It is important to test the positioning of the CSS Buttons (elements) within your own projects. It may be necessary to create custom wrappers in order to align the element properly in browsers with float issues. Please search the help section or FAQ to find common questions on float alignments and hacks.

Learn more about CBF and Negative X Positioning Method.

Subversion (SVN)

All source code is kept under Subversion control, which you can browse online. There's a download link available for any file or directory. If you have access to Subversion, you can connect to the working repository here:


svn checkout

You can also check out a specific version of CSS Buttons from subversion at:

svn checkout<version>
e.g. checkout

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