Browser Compatibility

Testing Methods

CSS Buttons is tested thoroughly for consistency in design and functionality. At the moment we depend on screen shots and interactive testing from several browsers on three different operating systems. We currently test on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Because this site encourages open source development, many Button Skins that use custom CBFs will be tested by the author. What this means is that only the author can verify its compatibility with a wide variety of browsers.

Supported Browsers:

The following browsers should be considered prominent in development and testing. Stats By

On Windows, Mac, and Linux

  1. IE8 - Internet Explorer
  2. IE7 - Internet Explorer
  3. IE6 - Internet Explorer
  4. Firefox 3
  5. Firefox 2
  6. Safari
  7. Mozilla - The Mozilla Suite (Gecko, Netscape)
  8. IE5 - Internet Explorer
  9. Opera

Known Problems...

  • Firefox (Windows) - Has a problem when rendering button margins/paddings if button element is using a vertically positioned background. Apparently, the fix is to use a horizontal positioning method.
  • Safari (Mac) - Has a well known problem with un-stylable input elements.

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