About CSS Buttons

CSS Buttons is the Plug and Play solution for web designers and developers looking to use accessible and flexible buttons on their web pages. CSS Buttons will allow designers to quickly implement consistently looking buttons regardless of the element used. CSS Buttons is a plug n' play solution for Multilingual, CMS, Blogs, and similar web sites faced with dynamic content challenges.

CSS Buttons Framework

The CBF is a set of basic CSS definitions that style the button elements and prepares them for compatibility and skins. The current CBF version "Beta .33" uses the Negative X Positioning Method, explained below.

Negative X Positioning Method

The Negative X Positioning Method is used to address a persistent firefox problem with background positioning on certain elements within elements. This method flips the background positioning method used in similar sprite image replacements and creates a horizontal-style sprite with precise pixel positioning.

The CSS Button Skins

The button skin packs contain the needed background images, font settings, paddings, margins, and heights. Designers can easily design the buttons in photoshop, quickly update a skin package, and implement them in a web site in minutes. Read the Designing Buttons tutorial.

FLOAT Warning: Some of the the CSS Buttons rely on floats in order to "shrink wrap" the content inside them. It is important to test the positioning of the CSS Buttons (elements) within your own projects. It may be necessary to create custom wrappers in order to align the element properly in browsers with float issues. Please search the help section or FAQ to find common questions on float alignments and hacks.

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